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Adjust’s products are translated into many different languages which also use different character sets (e.g. Chinese). To put a reliable, scalable and performant solution in place, all text is rendered in system fonts. These are fonts that come with the operating system, users do not need to download them.


Atlas uses San Francisco on Apple devices and Arial on all other systems (Windows, Linux, Adroid, ).

Typographic Scale

The typographic scale is limited to five font sizes (including line height and letter spacing) in three weights. It works well on both small and large screens.

Always use the scale, do not introduce other font sizes.

Font Scale

Regular copy is always set in normal font weight. Buttons and other controls use medium weight and certain headings are set in bold. Most text (in LTR languages) should be left-aligned, use centered or even right-aligned text very sparely!

The font sizes are multiples of 2px. The line heights are all multiples of 4px, creating a fine-grained 4px typographic baseline grid. If you wish to learn more, take a look at Atlas’ spacing system.