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Design Principles

The Design System Team agreed on seven design principles which help them with every design decision. The principles are based on research and creditable sources. The new UI Design Language is based on these principles.

The design must be


Make elements with similar function look similar to improve learnability!


Always design with edge cases taken into account. Always expect growth!


Always anticipate errors and try to make things human-proof! Provide helpful tips instead of user-blaming error messages.


Adjust offers viable tools for their client’s own success. Keep visual consistency, pay attention to details! All these qualities build trust from the user.

Make sure the users always know where they are inside of the application. Guide them, signal their path!


Always design with a goal in mind, solve actual problems. Rely on insights from data and research as well as established conventions over personal preference!


You do not need to assume our clients are visually or physically impaired but mind that good accessibility make our products faster and more pleasant to use for everyone!